We struggle. It’s part of life. But when are you going to let God lead after you see what the world does? Let me tell you I’ve fallen million of times, I’ve hit rock bottom billions of times, and yea there were times where it took a while for meContinue Reading

Personally all my life I grew up feeling lost because I didn’t know who I was. I felt I was never me and I didn’t understand how to be. I tried to be everybody else believing that if I was someone else I would be accepted because I didn’t understandContinue Reading

Imagine this. You are younger and all year you have been wanting this teddy bear you saw a kid at your school holding. Christmas comes around and that’s the only thing you ask for. Two weeks later you wake up to a perfect Christmas morning and you open a giftContinue Reading

Hey Hey! One thing I want to talk about is the feeling of abandonment and rejection. This past week my mom talked to be about this feeling and it honestly hit me deep because I have struggled with feeling alone and unwanted all my life. So lets get right intoContinue Reading

When we think too much, we think we mess up, and when we think we failed, we think we lost. I cheer, if I mess up in a routine I think I am terrible. Football, one mess up you think you lost. Choir, band, one wrong note and you thinkContinue Reading

School started back up and sometimes your confidence hangs low with all the nerves tingling. It’s okay to be nervous! Trust me I am constantly nervous but as soon as you start walking into school or anywhere you j=have to hold your head high and know it’s about to beContinue Reading

In this generation we feel like we have to look and act like others to completely love ourselves. We are human; therefore, we have acts of jealousy, judging, and boastfulness. We tend to compare ourselves to other girls that come across our Instagram or people we pass in a store.Continue Reading

Hey hey! My name is Ainsley Markou and I’m ready to get out my comfort zone!! One thing about me is I can be very shy at points so I am guilty of never getting out my comfort zone but this year… we all know has been one heck ofContinue Reading

God is a great God of many works but ask yourself… Do you have faith in him that he can work in your life? When you rest in the Lord he will wreck your world. When I say wreck your world I mean he will come into your life andContinue Reading

The bible is a hard book to dive into since there are so many chapters and when you start from Genesis you tend to get lost very quickly. I have always had trouble reading my bible without dozing off, ending up on my phone, or getting bored. I have aContinue Reading