The bible is a hard book to dive into since there are so many chapters and when you start from Genesis you tend to get lost very quickly. I have always had trouble reading my bible without dozing off, ending up on my phone, or getting bored. I have a few tips that have helped me!

  1. Start in the New Testament: I suggest starting with the book of James since it sums up a lot of Jesus` teachings but is short and quick to catch on. After you read James I suggest moving to the gospel which is Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
  2. Notes: Have a notepad that goes along with what you read. When I write notes whether it’s for me or church I feel that it puts me in a spot of motivation to understand and plot stuff down.
  3. Pray: Before you read and after you read pray! I have found it very helpful to ask God for help understanding the words I read and help t guide myself throughout the bible. The Lord never fails to help lead you throughout the bible.
  4. Highlight/underline: Highlighting the important words and scripture you guide through the bible and almost help you read longer because once you get interested you don’t want to stop reading.
  5. Quite place: When you have any time to spend with the Lord you should always choose a quiet place to focus without distractions for you can give him 5 minutes of your time and our all of it out to him.

I hope this helped some! Be free the email me if you need any help being guided through scripture! I am always opened to talk as well!

God loved you and so do I! xo:)