My name is Ainsley Markou and I am glad that you found yourself here! I have a few blogs I have written from my early high school days and I am here to share stories and updates of what God is doing throughout my life! I also am about to launch a fun clothing company that contains simplicity at its finest that will help me raise funds as a soon-to-be missionary. I have 1 more year of high school then I will join YWAM for missions. My website will give more insight unto that journey once the time comes closer.

Before I could ever introduce myself, I want to give all glory to God who has created me to live for something greater than myself. I grew up with several daddy issues which left me insecure at a young age. I was introduced to pornography and masturbation in elementary school which ended up being a veil on my eyes even if I knew about Jesus. I grew up in the church but was lukewarm. I knew all the stories of the bible but I didn’t know God for myself. I moved in 2018 from Phoenix, Az to West Monroe, La and everything changed. I started partying and drinking. I got into lustful relationships and started becoming depressed. I was told that cutting myself would take away the pain but instead, it left me in the trap of suicide. One random day my mom walked into my room and the Holy Spirit took over. Next thing you know I went to a small bible study with her and got wrecked by the love of God. After I got a taste of who God was, there was no way I could go back to my old life. He supernaturally called forth my dead life into the grave and in a split second of surrendering I rose in the life that Jesus’ blood paid for me. Now I live my life with a purpose by stepping into His truth daily and sharing that same truth with everyone around me!!

Why missions? – For the longest time, I didn’t understand what it meant to do missions. It wasn’t until I went to Alaska in 2022 for a church mission trip that I recognized the importance of taking on a mission field. It didn’t matter where I was or who was around… everywhere I went, I had a mission. My purpose is to magnify God wherever I am and to be a witness to Jesus. When my whole heart changed to be undignified before the Lord, my heart began to break for the lost. My school, work, and city are my mission field. Even if I chose to go to college and work at a hospital, it would be my mission field. However as I have traveled and become more aware of my heart for the nations, I have been called to go out into all the world and share the gospel. Therefore I plan on attending a YWAM DTS so that I can pursue that. I have no clue what God is planning for my life or where He will take me but every step of the way He has my YES!