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Howdy! My name is Ainsley Markou and I am wildly in love with Jesus!!! I am beyond stoked that you have come across my website!! This is a website for my photography, “Capture Joy”, but here and there I love to share my blog posts from “Don’t Look Back”. The Lord has put both photography and writing on my heart so this website is simply just my obedience to the Lord and the callings He places me in.

On new years day of 2021, He gave me the word celebrate, and in 2022 He combined that simple word with capture joy and revealed an image of a camera. There is a lot more behind the word that He gave me but it all led up to photography. One thing about my life is that I have always been the one in front of the camera since my sister was the photographer of the family. Never in my life did I think I would be fit for taking pictures, in fact when I was younger I dreamed of having my career as someone who was in front of the camera. Over the years the Lord has allowed me to appreciate the little things in every photo. So many people go and get photos done and put a smile on their faces, but most of the time behind the scenes the person is not as happy. While I take photos I don’t want to just capture joy at the moment but I want to bring the light of Jesus into the people I interact with so that they can experience real joy even outside of the photo. I am so overwhelmed with joy to start this new journey that the Lord has let me step into!

Now, on the other hand, a little background on “Don’t Look Back”, I have always loved writing, and one day the Lord called me to start sharing the things I wrote. I started an Instagram called “DLB” or “Don’t Look Back” so that people can read these messages in my heart and be inspired to not look back into their past but to look forward to what the Lord wants to do in their lives. My only desire when I write is to write with complete vulnerability so that people can see the realness of how I need Jesus. Without Him, I went through such a rocky road but with Him, there are SO much greater things that He has allowed me to accomplish!

Everything I do is for the Lord! My photography and my writings are all for the Lord and I only share them so that you can see how good God is! Photography is new to me and so I hope you can join my journey:)