Having Faith to Move Mountains

God is a great God of many works but ask yourself… Do you have faith in him that he can work in your life? When you rest in the Lord he will wreck your world. When I say wreck your world I mean he will come into your life and give you more than what you viewed as great and he will move in your life just as he can move mountains. In the bible, Moses separated the Red Sea and walked right beside the water but that was all through his faith in God. The moment the Egyptian army reached the waters the sea fell back into place. When you put faith into the Lord and rest in him he will be your stronghold and he will walk with you just as he walked with Moses. When trails come in your life he will separate the sea for you and close the sea again blocking the demons chasing you. If Moses had no faith in God the sea would have never parted and the Egyptians would have quickly caught up to him and the Israelites. The Lord will walk with you throughout all times but ask your self do you have faith that God could separate the Red Sea for you? Do you have faith that God can separate the sea? Now a lot of the times people say they don’t believe what they cant see. I heard this example the other day that was kinda crazy to think about. Everything built needs a creator right? My house… I don’t know who built it and I’ve never seen who built it but I know that it was created by another hand. Just because I didn’t see who built my house doesn’t mean there was no creator…Right? The world couldn’t just form out of complete air and we know a human could never just build up a planet. The Earth and all planets and all creation were built by one creator and that’s God. I know I’m jumping from one example to another but my point is that when you have faith in the creator he will move mountains in your life. When you accept Jesus in your heart you will see you prayers being answered, you will see great things happen in your life, and overall he will change your heart but it’s all up to if you have faith in the Lord.

Have a great day!! xo