When we think too much, we think we mess up, and when we think we failed, we think we lost. I cheer, if I mess up in a routine I think I am terrible. Football, one mess up you think you lost. Choir, band, one wrong note and you think you ruined it. Soccer, kick to the wrong person you think you have failed your team. It goes and on because we think if we mess up if we cant be the best, if we can’t be perfect we’ve lost. See that’s how we are with God. We put in our minds that if we cant change to be perfect or if we have sinned we have no chance of a relationship with God. Let me tell you, we are human, we are designed to mess up and fail but you are also meant to get back up. You fall in a routine, you pass the ball to the wrong person, you play the wrong note but do you just stop? I’ve learned many things in life but one of the most important things is “GET BACK UP”. Stop thinking so hard! You are NOT created to be PERFECT, you are created to mess up, get up, and do better. We sin, we fail to honor God’s word, but its doesn’t mean to give up because you think it’s hard and that you have failed. Get back up and learn from that situation.

Now one bigger situation out of this is resting in Him. One big thing I have struggled with is having to feel perfect for God like I can’t mess up. I saw many times I committed my life to Him but once again fallen short. Before I got baptized I told someone that I had to wait and I told them it was because I wanted to change myself first. I thought I had to change and be perfect before giving my life to God. Yall listen to these two things that I was told… “Just remember you don’t have to change for God to be ready to accept you – HE will change you when you rest in him.” ” When you are baptized you are being buried under the water with Jesus and risen to a new life as he has risen from the grave”. Giving your life to Jesus is a huge step but its also the greatest commitment you will ever make. We think so much to have to live up to this standard that we forget that God wants us to rest in him for he can renew you. Romans 3:23 “For we have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” We ALL have fallen short but God wants us to rest in him for we can be forgiven! Even when we give our life to God we aren’t perfect but we do have a new heart and a new life to change our perspectives. When we give our life to Jesus we have a whole new mind that stops us from making a decision or has a heart for others like Jesus did. We have a mind to stop thinking so much because we put trust in him.

Stop thinking. Stop thinking so much and start resting in him:) YOU re a special masterpiece to God and hes ready to walk with you!

Always feel free to contact me! YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!