School started back up and sometimes your confidence hangs low with all the nerves tingling. It’s okay to be nervous! Trust me I am constantly nervous but as soon as you start walking into school or anywhere you j=have to hold your head high and know it’s about to be a great day!! First, let me say I do not mean the confidence of being better than everybody but the confidence to shine a smile and be a light to others. Here are a couple of things to know that have helped me boost confidence!!!

  1. Just smile and say hey: When walking past anyone even if you do not have a clue who they are just smile at them and say Hey! I know with all the masks it’s hard to show a person your smiling haha but just squint your eyes extra hard! You not required to have a whole conversation but a smile could give someone a chance to have a better day. Being friendly and kind to others even with one-word can really boost your confidence and feel better about yourself.
  2. You not better than anybody: We are not less or greater than anybody else. Things don’t define a person!!!! If you have all the new things stop taking confidence from others to show pride for having more than another. Money, friends, and dietitians don’t make you better or worse than anybody else. Your perfect the way you are! Know that you were perfectly created by an amazing creator! Go out and be kind to everyone and meet new people.
  3. Stand tall: Even if you are nervous just stand tall and keep your head tall. Standing tall just gives you a boost of confidence to know your about to accomplish your day ahead!!
  4. BEST FOR LAST!! : Give your worries to the Lord and put trust in him! Pray, pray pray! pray for confidence through him. Ask him to walk with you throughout your day and spread kindness to others. God will give you the confidence to do everything through his name and do it with a head high!

YOUR AMAZING! It is a new year so make it the BEST!

The greatest confidence comes from loving one another!

Have a great day!! xo