In this generation we feel like we have to look and act like others to completely love ourselves. We are human; therefore, we have acts of jealousy, judging, and boastfulness. We tend to compare ourselves to other girls that come across our Instagram or people we pass in a store. When we compare ourselves we don,t appreciate anything about ourselves. We as humans will always be a little insecure and its hard to ignore but we have to start taking a moment to truly appreciate little things about ourselves. Someone once asked me what i like about myself, i was to busy comparing myself to others in the room that i had nothing good to say about myself. Sometimes it takes a minute just to be alone and look at yourslef in the mirror think about how incredible and strong you are!

  1. God created the mountains and the seas and we view the world and all his creations as beautiful! That same creator and artist created you and you are just as beautiful as all those creations!!!
  2. God created the world and thought the world needed one of you! everybody was designed with a purpose of what God knows the world needs!!
  3. Its so easy to put our selves down in the mirror but you may never realize there is another person out there who looks up to you and cares for you
  4. God has a plan for you and everyone is going to make such a huge imact on the world!!

you are beautiful–psalm 139:14// you are chosen–1 peter 2:9// you are made for a purpose–Ephesians 2:10// you are a precious child of God– John 1:12// You are loved forever–Jeremiah 31:3

Your beautiful!! Your handsome!! your viewed as perfect in Gods eyes!! keep your head up 🙂