When living a life with Christ you find true joy and calmness in all situations. Before I started my life with Christ I struggled with trying to figure out how to live a life through Christ. I believed I had to feel him and hear him know I’m living the “right” way. Let me tell you, hearing God’s voice doesn’t mean you living a life with Christ. It’s all about your reading the words and putting them into action! God will peruse you and be with you even if you not living a life with him so when you live a life with Christ its what you put into the relationship. Are you showing kindness or are you sharing the word? Are you grateful for everything you have? Do you have the heart to tell people about Jesus? You can go to church but that doesn’t mean you live a life with Christ. What are your actions to really living a life with Christ? When you get into a relationship it’s so easy to tell everybody you in a relationship and it’s so easy to put all your effort into that one person, but why is it so hard to do the same with the God who created you. God is a father who will never leave even when all you want to do is run. When living life through Christ it doesn’t mean your whole day is reading the bible and nonstop praying. All God asks is for even 5 minutes of your time to read a verse or pray. Although you should always be aware of what he does in your life. Always be grateful and aware that God has blessed you with everything around you. In fact, God has blessed us with a huge time of quarantine to get our minds straight. When you live a life with Christ is doesn’t mean a perfect life. As humans, we will always come across trials and we will always sin but when you do decide to follow him you won’t be alone through those trials and God will forgive and wipe you clean of every sin you make. when you allow Christ in your life you will never me alone. All you have to do is watch your actions and accept him into your life.

Have a great day! xo