Procrastinating is so hard to fix because once you do it once you want continue to do it. Lets just dive into some tips!

  1. Get your mindset right. When you want to do something set your mind to it. When its not set in your mind it wont be set in your actions.
  2. Be organized! The one biggest thing that has helped me in organizing a to do list of the day because by the end of the day i hate not having one checked off! The day will also slide so by quickly as you are checking each thing off.
  3. Get rid of distractions! It is so easy to get distracted when your phone is in front of you instead of a list. Tell yourself you can have your phone back after you finish at least 5 things on you list. Get rid of those distractions when your trying to get things done!
  4. Set goals! When you have a goal you have a mindset. Set a goal to get your list done and by the end of the day im pretty sure everyone is wanting to conquer there goal.
  5. Music! I can not stress enough about this one because i must say i play music all the time when getting anything done. It lifts your mood and just makes you have a positive mindset to get things done.
  6. Get the stuff you want to procrastinate the most done first. Its always better to do this because if you continue to skip it and you just will never end up doing it. So get it done first for the rest is easy to get done
  7. Just do it. When you have to do something dont sit there and think oh no i dont want to do this, just do it. Get it done and be over with it. Dont think to hard on how you dont want to do it, just get it done!

Hope this helped some! Get things done with a positive attitude! xo