When it comes to days we have good days that go by fast but we can also have bad days that feel like it will never be a new day. Our minds set a perspective for the day when we wake up and that’s why its always best to have a healthy routine when you wake up. Take a moment to set your mind straight and set a good day on your mind. Our mind has power over our days meaning whatever positive or negative perspective you have is gonna set your day. When we start having a slow day and each minute passes by slowly, stop looking at the clock and start thinking of every little positive thing that has happened. When you feel there is nothing positive do something to make your mind know it can be a good day. In the middle of the day if you ever feel like its a bad day take 1 minute just to set a new perspective on your mind. Bad and unlucky things can happen but that’s the world for you. You cant depend on the world to give you all shiny and bright things, you have to know that you make that positive perspective. Tell yourself its going to be a good day and make it a good day. We tend to go to school or work and say its boring and we call it a bad day. We even tend to let 1 unlucky action ruin our day of other positive actions. Its so hard to see everything positive in a day when one things goes wrong. But why do we do that? Why do we let one unlucky thing over rule our good day? We need to be grateful for every second of the day and stop thinking one unlucky action is going to ruin our life. Life can be hard and challenging but we need to face it and over rule the negative. Don’t let a little coffee spill or bee sting ruin a day ahead of you. When you truly have a not so good day just come home lay down for a bit, breath and know tomorrow ALWAYS calls for better days!

Make today GREAT! xo