We struggle. It’s part of life. But when are you going to let God lead after you see what the world does? Let me tell you I’ve fallen million of times, I’ve hit rock bottom billions of times, and yea there were times where it took a while for me to get back up. But everytime i still got back up, take Gods hand and let him lead me through life. Everyday I still fall, everyday I still mess up, everyday I still sin. However after all my falls and the falls I still make I’ve finally learned that God is the only one I want to follow, Hes the only one who brings me life and wakes me up every single unpromised morning. A couple years ago I was in a terrible spot. I did every thing a teen girl did when they wanted to fit in and I lost every bit of site of where God was and who I am. I was lost. I became depressed and suicidal but that didn’t stop me. Eventually my mom opened my eyes to see that I didn’t want to be in a place where I live depressed or don’t live at all but I want to be in a place where God brings joy, peace, strength, and love into my life. Even though I had to lose everything to be in the right spot withGod, it was all worth it because after God showed me who I am and I started taking steps in obedience, He brought better and greater things in my life. Stop following the world because even though it may be fun for a whole, it ends in destruction. The drinking and the vaping ends in destruction. The lustful thoughts end in destruction. I’ve been there, I know. But the only light out of it is Jesus, and Jesus won’t sit there and watch you like the devil will. Jesus is there wanting to walk with you and help you through every bit of destruction the devils lies has been put in your mind. The world is full of dangerous lies. But Jesus He has a different way and even though that way seems scary when nobody else wants to follow, be the person who goes with God even though that makes you a little different. You won’t regret it, God will show you the things you thought were impossible and He will show you the light. The devil will only show you the darkest lies. Jesus will lead you to eternal life of joy and peace even though the beginning may be a little rocky. The devil will show you a smooth road but it’s only for a mile or 2 then you’ll end in thorn bushes and in a sorrow state of mind. Be the one who chooses Jesus! Be the one who rises in the light and becomes a world changer! Be the person who follows Gods plan and isn’t hidden! Be the person who isn’t beaten by the devil by your mistakes but be the person who rises up through God because of your mistakes!

have a great day!! xo